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Very interesting. It is a perfect way to promote our country.”

Antonio Mascello, Lapam Federimpresa (an association of food artisans) Modena, Italy



“When the characters emerge from behind the stoves, the novel becomes filled with romance, intrigue, suspense, and even a bit of mystery. ... Unlike most novels, this one comes replete with souvenirs - recipes, lots and lots of recipes.”

Francesca Di Meglio,



“Not your average romance novel, ‘Con Amore’ can serve as a reference guide to the indigenous foods of Italy’s many regions as well as a cookbook of savory Italian recipes.”

Nicole Giannettino, Sunday Sauce

Romance, a bit of suspense, the history of Italy, and numerous recipes

combine to create a story about love, food, and life.

Meet Janine Fiori, Food Journalist and Cooking Instructor.


Passionate about her work, Janine is thrilled when she receives an invitation to a weeklong conference on Italian food. For the past year, an exclusive contract to develop recipes for a prestigious Italian food producer has kept her busy and in the limelight. Janine also keeps busy researching and writing aboutanother passionher Italian heritage, and the food, culture, and history of Italy.


As she wonders about some of the chefs who may attend the conference, her mind drifts to a former lover and further back to recollections of a wedding that was to have been the start of her dream, but ended in disappointment.


The day of the opening night ceremony begins with anticipation and excitement about the conference, but the appearance of the one man who captured her heart brings a flood of memories and mixed feelings. Can Janine trust again and allow love back into her life or should she enjoy the attention of several new admirers?


The East End of Long Island sets the scene for Janine’s adventure of a culinary tour of Italy, a journey into her past, an exploration of her conflicting emotions, and discovering what holds the key to her heart.

“a truly captivating novel”


Con Amore is a truly captivating novel, complete with romance, intrigue and fine cuisine. The reader joins Janine Fiori on her journey to a conference at The Inn in Montauk. While there, we learn the  history of Italian food as well as the preparation of  delicious recipes, which the author, Ms. Mancuso includes in her novel.


Through the beautifully descriptive style of Ms. Mancuso's writing, we enjoy the beauty that surrounds Janine. We share in her romantic encounters, her innermost thoughts and feelings, and the friendships she develops with those she meets.


I especially loved the storyline twists Ms. Mancuso weaves through the story, and culminates at the end, to give us a deeper understanding of the behaviors and personalities of the main characters. This was a most fun and enjoyable reading experience which left me craving for more!” ~ Connie P.

“story line had just enough twists and turns”


I enjoyed the characters very much. The story line had just enough twists and turns and unexpected events to keep me captivated. … I like that you included the recipes. It sets your book apart from anything else I have ever seen.” ~ Linda J.


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Recipes from Con Amore

A romance novel by Italian American author Janice Therese Mancuso


Includes color photographs and linked table of contents.


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